Find your road to health and wellness

Optimal health and wellness is achieved when we align our environment, body and spirit as one. Through an integrative approach, I give you the tools to begin your journey to a new you—the real you. We will look closely at what can assist you in healing and allow balance within your nervous system to return you to an alignment with your best self.



The practice of yoga, in the most simplistic definition, is the union of body and breath. When you incorporate a trauma informed awareness into the practice the most important components are ensuring both emotional and physical safety. Additionally, a sense of trust between practitioner and client is paramount in creating a comfortable platform to explore the practice of yoga. The true application of this modality is to assist in cultivating radical compassion of self.  Yoga allows us to notice, without judgment or expectation, our behaviors and emotions in our daily lives both on and off the mat. When we can acknowledge and embrace our human flaws, with ease and a relaxed vantage point, this can become an opening to our true nature.  Using the lens of self compassion and yogic tools to quiet the mind we can begin to allow and trust our own inner wisdom to emerge and thus begin to foster transformation and change. We are all currently immersed in a society of long to-do lists, fast paced instant gratification lifestyles and constant immediate information from sun up to sun down. We can very easily lose sight of our true intentions for our daily lives. The practice of yoga encourages us to connect to body and breath and integrate our awareness to slow down to an invitation to the present moment. 

What if breathing, relaxing into a moment, feeling your feelings, giving yourself space to slow down and do less was the key to freedom? 

Laughing Yoga
Holding Hands


When our body feels safe, it can release long held tensions, traumas and emotions in the body.

A light touch therapy and form of body work that can assist in relieving tension and restrictions of movement to the body. The goal is to improve the flow of Craniosacral fluid  and thus also bringing balance and a more relaxed state to the physical body and nervous system.   This is true for emotional restrictions as well as physical ones.  Often times talk therapy alone can not allow one to release trauma and pain from the body.  Craniosacral Therapy can be considered a body-focused, somatic approach to release what no longer needs to be held onto. Craniosacral Therapy can create a neutral container for the body to express what it may be holding or has held onto for many years and is now showing itself as pain in the body.  This is a modality that shows us how the body really does keep the score and needs to be heard.


Partnership to Wellness

As an occupational therapist, I look at all aspects of a person’s life and development. Together we will work to create and implement a plan that helps you reach your goals, enhance your sense of well-being, and decrease negative aspects of stress in your life.  
A collaborative relationship that identifies what is both meaningful and satisfying to you as well as focusing towards personal growth and accountability for present and future goals.  I can assist in providing motivation, accountability, devising effective problem solving tools and learn techniques to handle stress as well as creating a balanced life.

Rock Balancing


Learn the power of your breath

Our breath when understood can be our greatest superpower when dealing with stress, pain and difficulties of daily life.  When we are enveloped in the stresses of life or that is compounded by deeper issues of trauma and discomfort, our breath is usually the first thing we abandon without even knowing. We may find our selves with tightness in our shoulders, neck and jaw and breathing in such a way that doesn’t support balance in the body.  When we can increase our awareness around the benefits of breathing, we can open up a daily practice for ourselves that can allow our bodies to feel safe and spacious.  We can learn to strengthen our vagus nerve and reap the many benefits it offers when it is toned. 

 Our vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body and it connects the brain to the gut.  It assists in memory recall, reduces inflammation, and provides regulation of the heart as well as both breathing and the bodies relaxation response.  It also controls the parasympathetic nervous system which is the body’s ability to relax or a common term, ‘rest and digest’.  When we are experiencing stress and pain, it is being governed by our sympathetic nervous system or ‘fight, flight or freeze’  response.  

It is helpful to find balance within our nervous system because both ‘fight or flight’ and ‘rest and digest’ are necessary to keep us safe and healthy. We can learn how to tone our vagus nerve though using our breath properly and exploring how incorporating a daily meditation practice can benefit you.